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Remix gets our clients on stage and online at top events, published, placed on podcasts, and we help you showcase your customers.

We're a team of creatives and connectors who can identify and share your compelling stories in personal and engaging ways. We are PR pros, marketing experts and writers. We've worked at some of the largest tech companies in the world.

But what really matters to you is your story. What is it - and how can we best tell it? Our expertise lies in discovering your company's standout customers and  stories. We can help your team develop messaging, organize a comprehensive communications strategy, and place your narrative at the heart of your industry's largest events, organizations, podcasts and media outlets. Just like we've done for clients like Facebook, Adobe and Apple. 

We'd love to learn what you're looking for. Reach out and say hello!

– Katy Boos - CEO, Remix Communications



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