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Everyone is now learning the art of being a remote worker. It’s now becoming a reality for more of us. I’ve worked remotely for many years and have learned a few tricks that you might want to add to your routine.



  1. Stick to your schedule – Don’t change a thing from what you would normally do at the office. Get up at the same time, eat your breakfast, make your coffee and get dressed for work! I have found it’s extremely helpful for me to get ready as if I was going into a corner office with a view. It sets the tone for your work and establishes a mindset ready for work.
  2. Equip your office space – Make sure your workspace is set up for all your needs. Do you have everything you need? Do you have a working printer, larger monitor, comfortable chair? Does your cell phone work well from your office or do you have a work line? Do you have a space that’s relatively quiet and away from household noises like barking dogs or noisy family members?
  3. Video conference platform – Most of my client and team meetings take place via video conference calls. Make sure you have an established video conference tool that you standardize on. For example, Remix uses BlueJeans as our conference platform and most of our clients use this which makes it seamless for us to easily connect with each other.
  4. Connection – Because you won’t have the office chit chat factor or “donuts in the kitchen” time to see your co-workers, it’s still important to have some type of connection with your team. Our Remix team is scattered around the world and we’ve found it works well in our weekly video team call to spend some time sharing something personal (such as I skied this weekend or I went to this concert). It gives us the chance to get to know each other better and helps foster our connections with each other. We’ve even considered doing virtual “let’s have a cocktail” meetups in a late afternoon meeting. But sometimes you need a break from your office and computer. Our CEO and I periodically have management meetings where we are both outside walking – our “walk and talks.” We decided that we can walk and talk quite easily and feel like we are supporting each other in getting some much-needed exercise and fresh air.
  5. Get outside – If you’re able to get outside for a break, walk, or workout, remote work can open up that type of flexibility. I’ve found I do some of my best thinking and creative planning when I’m outside walking on a trail. 

Working from home does have its advantages (no commute for starters!). But there are considerations to make sure you stay productive, keep a schedule, all while getting a little me time too.


Gretchen Schaffer is the vice president at Remix Marketing Inc. She has been in public relations and marketing her entire career with a variety of agencies and working with an impressive list of technology leaders. She has spent the past ten years working remotely from her own paradise of Bend, Oregon.

Gretchen Schaffer
By: Gretchen Schaffer

Gretchen Schaffer, VP at Remix Communications, has helped develop and execute creative strategies for industry-leading companies including Adobe, Microsoft, SAP, and Sony. Gretchen kicked off her public relations and marketing career at Waggener Edstrom (WE). There, she quickly worked her way up to managing global PR teams for Microsoft. The world of marketing and media relations has since evolved, and Gretchen has been on the front line of that change. She has carved out an expertise in executive speaking and thought leadership, public relations and content marketing. At Remix Communications, Gretchen melds deep industry insight with a talent for finding creative and effective ways to help clients tell their unique stories.


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