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We live in the magical age when we can carry some of the top leaders of the world with us wherever we go, thanks to podcasts. While working out, driving or cleaning, we can have the greats of our age sharing their secrets with us. It's magic.


If you're in tech, you know how fast the world pivots. Constant learning has become the norm, not just to get ahead, but merely to keep up. Luckily for us, these podcasts make the lessons so fun and interesting, we barely notice how long our commute is anymore.


Here are some of our favorite podcasts we think all tech pros should listen to:




FC Secrets of the Most Productive People Podcast

This relatively new podcast is hosted by Fast Company editors Kate Davis and Anisa Purbasari Horton. They share info from people getting way more done than the average person. How? Is it sleep, a latest email hack, inbox zero??? Find out with this biweekly show.

Recommended episodes:


HBR IdeaCast Podcast

This weekly show casts the minds of business leaders right into your ear. It's Harvard Business Review, so you know the quality is going to be on point.

Recommended episodes:

  • Understanding the Space Economy: Ok hear us out. You don't have to be planning a flight to the stars to be affected by the need for satellites. According to Sinéad O’Sullivan, entrepreneurship fellow at Harvard Business School, we're actually running out of... space ... in ... space.
  • How Having a Rival Improves Performance: Suffering from some envy from your friendly competition? It might be good for you. Adam Grant, organizational psychologist at The Wharton School, says that rivalry might be better for everyone involved.
  • A Theoretical Physicist (and Entrepreneur) on Why Companies Stop Innovating: Safi Bahcall, a former biotech CEO, started his professional life as a theoretical physicist before hopping over to business. (What a pivot!) In this fascinating episode, he explains how innovative companies becoming complacent mimics the science of water freezing to ice.




Two journalists who have turned to entrepreneurship (while trying to avoid returning to the dark side), attempt to "chart a kinder, sustainable, and collective path forward for work and life." Manoush Zomorodi (Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business) and Jen Poyant (Exec. Producer of Note to Self2 Dope Queens) say, "ZigZag takes an honest look at the culture of business—and what needs to change."

Recommended episodes:



The Tim Ferriss Show

Not one for modesty, Tim will be the first to tell you his podcast has been ranked #1 of business podcast in the entire world of Apple Podcasts, as well as the #1 general podcast, and it was the first to reach 100,000,000 downloads. It's now more than 300M. On most episodes, Tim tracks down someone who we'd all imagine as unreachable -- Seth Godin, Paulo Coelho, Katie Couric - and gets them to share a little of their greatness with us, the listeners.

Recommended episodes:


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Katy Boos
By: Katy Boos

Katy founded Remix Communications in 2016 because she’s passionate about spearheading impactful thought leadership programs for her clients. Brainstorming compelling topics and narratives, Katy helps bring ideas to life on stage at industry events and in written content for clients such as Adobe and Facebook. Before Remix, Katy co-founded a successful Silicon Valley marketing/PR firm. Earlier she managed PR programs for Apple including Media and Entertainment, mobile products and QuickTime. She started her career on the PR agency side. Katy lives in Los Angeles. She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, and has volunteered with TEDx as a speaker curator and coach. She's served as a member of the board of directors for both the Peninsula Humane Society and the Working Wonders Children’s Museum.


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