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Speaking at events – whether in-person or virtually – shows you are a thought leader. Speaking gives you credibility, can help you grow your business, find new employees (or be recruited yourself), expand your industry contacts, result in media coverage, and provide a platform for your compelling content. In this blog series we will be sharing excerpts from our recent eBook "7 Tips to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig".

Once you’ve established your vision in, you may have some ideas that you feel have the potential as a speaking topic. If not, no problem. As you begin to brainstorm topics, take a minute to reflect on what drives you daily. The topic should never be product- focused (unless it’s a how-to workshop). Think about cultural trends, common challenges or problems, narratives, and industry storylines. Choose a topic that is timely, current, engaging, and even controversial.

“Consider the type of session that would grab your attention as an attendee. It can’t be boring, it can’t be an overdone topic, and it can’t be self-serving. Be ready to take some risks with your topic.”

– Katy Boos of Remix.

As you or your team pitch your session idea to organizers, put yourself in their shoes. Think about what subjects might stand out against typical conference topics and sessions.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are the aspects of your job that make you genuinely excited? What would your ideal job description be? What makes that aspect of your work so interesting and is there an angle there that you could expand upon?

What are the hardest challenges you’ve had to face in your professional life? Are those challenges still relevant and how did you overcome them?

What topics are controversial in your industry? And are you willing to take a stand? Conferences love controversy and hearing opposing voices.

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Traver Normandi
By: Traver Normandi

As Account Supervisor at Remix Communications, Traver does it all: provides strategic direction to clients, brainstorms new ideas, researches events, PR and speaking opportunities, pitches our client speakers and topic ideas to conference organizers and publications, and writes content - among many other things.


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