Meet Traver Normandi, Senior Account Executive at Remix


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Tell us about your role at Remix

My role as a Sr. Account Executive puts me at the center of our clients’ most exciting marketing campaigns. At Remix, we provide valuable insights for high-profile tech companies as they look to expand their product marketing strategies to in-person audiences. While each client has different demands and goals, most of my time is spent strategizing and executing year-long event marketing campaigns for specific software products. We then work with programming directors, partners, and our thriving network of events and agencies to help broker high-visibility opportunities for our clients.


What was a favorite project you’ve worked on recently?

Out of everything I do at Remix one of my favorite activities is researching our client’s competition. I really enjoy digging through the tiniest of details in order to gain insight on how each company is attacking their market. Over time, it’s fascinating to see how company cultures shift and how to make sure our clients are aware and ready to adapt to their competitions’ events marketing strategies.


What trends do you see in the industry?

We work in a pretty unique space in that we often find ourselves representing software companies whose target audience is not the traditional consumer but rather creatives, developers, and even hobbyists. I’ve had a short career in the space thus far but it seems that with AI becoming even more integrated into the tools and software for creators, some of the companies we work with have begun to shift further away from the professional developer, creator audience and more towards design and skilled artists. I wouldn’t be surprised if more events took on a casual, creative angle in a world where the tools become more capable of doing the grunt work for you.


What are your favorite things to do outside work?

One of the perks of the job is getting to live in Bend, Oregon. That means when I'm not working, I can spend my time doing all the seasonal activities I love including fishing, snowboarding, and weekend camping trips with friends. Occasionally, I’ll manage to avoid all these distractions and get through a good book.


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