Not All Creatives Are Created Equal. Which Type Are You?

We are loving this quiz by Adobe Create, which allows you to see your creative type in a super fun interactive format that displays some of the magic of motion graphics that Adobe helps create. 



So many times, creatives are lumped into one category, but this quiz will help you zone in on what kind of creative you are, and cue you into your strengths, untapped potential, and creative allies. 

Questions include:

  • My brain spends more time: "In the zone" or "Zoning out."
  • I tend to see life through the lens of: "Systems" or "Stories."
  • I’d rather be in: "A cocoon" or "A beehive."


The test categorizes you as one of eight types:



Everyone here at Remix has taken the test, and we've all enjoyed seeing how we mesh well together because of our types. I'm of The Visionary type, and Adobe's quiz told me I work well with The Maker. Turns out, both of the women who run my content team are Makers.


Taking this quiz will not only reinforce your creative life, it will inspire you with its motion graphics format to get out there and make something creative. 


Take the quiz here, and when you're done, share your Creative Type using #mycreativetype, and tag us!

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