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You know all those things that can go wrong with an event? The mic doesn’t work, the food tastes terrible, the room is hot, the room is cold, the lighting is terrible, no one shows up, the signage has typos, and there’s nowhere to sit. Mmmhmmm… we feel your pain. Events can be HARD to pull off which is why Remix has focused on the speaking and content side of things… until now. Today we’re excited to announce our collaboration with an amazing event services company: Events by Mint!



We’ve known Events by Mint for years, and recently had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with them. We needed to magically transform a drab hotel meeting space with all the charm of a DMV waiting room into a luxury lounge fit for a fun, hip networking event. We only had two weeks (!!) to pull it all together for one of our biggest clients, and that’s where Mint really showed their stuff.


Not only did they deliver, but Mint pulled off a transformation that set the stage for an event that included their signature ingredients: celebration, surprise and delight. Our client was smiling, impressed and grateful. And so were we!


Events by Mint focuses on planning and executing corporate gatherings and onsite event logistics. They prevent those easily overlooked details that can wreak havoc. They have the spreadsheets and the headsets and they are the ones who give us a great night's sleep before any event, no matter how important.


So what does this all mean for our clients? In addition to all the good work (ahem) that Remix does in placing your execs as speakers at top industry events and helping with the content, you can also tap into Mint's 12+ years of experience in producing events. Now you have the art of gathering at your fingertips, and the ability to create an experience that will have everyone talking about your event, from the grand first impression to the smallest unexpected detail.


From seamless planning to execution, Mint plans every event with their signature personalization, detail, and approachable feeling. They have a way of making something look easy when we all know how much work it takes, and their attention to detail and quality is impeccable. If you want a group that understands the corporate goals as well as a fabulous design aesthetic, we now have them on our team for you.




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