Meredith Bachman

Meredith is a self-employed visual designer based out of Zürich, Switzerland. She loves exploring and designing wherever she feels most inspired. Her experience includes creating user-centered visual design systems through crafting personas, scenarios, problem-solving, illustration, motion graphics, color, and a fierce love of typography.

She has experience working for a non-profit, tech start-up, and several years at a fast-paced agency where she gained management experience in a senior position. Over the last ten years working for different industries has helped shape her view that good design is central in creating an experience, maintaining a brand, and most importantly, establishing a connection. She received two Bachelor of Art degrees from Indiana University in fine art and telecommunications with a concentration in marketing and management.

When not at work, she enjoys adventuring with her partner (who is equally addicted to adrenaline), traveling with their dog named Salt, and learning how to sail in Croatia. They can usually be found in the mountains snowboarding, paragliding, and rock climbing, practicing yoga, or zooming around Zürich on their electric boards.